YHS Records Electronic Essentials (12xLP Bundle)

YHS Records Electronic Essentials (12xLP Bundle)

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Explore the YHS Records Catalog with these Electronic Essentials

Dive into the diverse catalog of YHS Records with these 12 essential electronic releases. Spanning sub-genres from Ambient to Techno, and including Glitch Hop, Lo-Fi Beats, Trip Hop, Future Funk, IDM, and Nu-Jazz, this set was compiled to highlight the breadth of what the label has to offer.


Album Highlights:

  • Eliot Lipp - Encounters: An expertly crafted collection of grooving electronic beats from the veteran Brooklyn producer.

  • Fat Jon - Rapture Kontrolle: One of lo-fi hip-hop’s most influential figures, Fat Jon infuses more electronic elements to his Instrumental hip-hop palette on Rapture Kontrolle.

  • Mux Mool - Skulltaste: A seminal future beats album initially released by Moodgadget and Ghostly International in 2010, and receiving its first vinyl pressing through YHS Records. Includes the fan-favorite track Get Better John, famously used in Adult Swim bumpers.

  • Jaws That Bite - Glacial Medicine: This deluxe edition is pressed on translucent blue vinyl, and sees Detroit producer Jaws That Bite exploring electronic micro-genres with added remixes from Daedelus, Mux Mool, and Noer the Boy.

  • Chase Dobson - The Mechanics of Time Travel: An ambient/downtempo masterpiece, Colorado native Chase Dobson displays his tasteful production style on The Mechanics of Time Travel, which released in 2023 alongside an album-length music video.

Full List of Included Records:

  1. Fat Jon - Rapture Kontrolle (2xLP - Clear) 
  2. Lipphead - From the Back (LP - Orange)
  3. Chase Dobson - The Mechanics of Time Travel (LP)
  4. Lord RAJA - Amadeus (LP)
  5. Minutes Unlimited - I.D.E.N.T.I.T.Y. (LP)
  6. Mux Mool - Skulltaste (2xLP)
  7. Eliot Lipp - Encounters (2xLP - Yellow)
  8. Wing Vilma - Safe By Night (LP - Green)
  9. Jaws That Bite - Glacial Medicine (2xLP - Clear Blue)
  10. Cru Drums - Live/Work (LP - White)
  11. Peace to Mateo - Some Strange Reason (LP)
  12. Michal Menert & The Pretty Fantastics - From the Sea (2xLP)



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