Vapor Eyes - Where The Dyad Lives (CD)

Vapor Eyes - Where The Dyad Lives (CD)

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Where The Dyad Lives is the 2018 album from Vapor Eyes, delivered on compact disc in a full color, shrink wrapped eco-pack.

Utilizing his veteran ear for hunting down and manipulating unique samples, Vapor Eyes speaks the language of the soul through his cut-up style of chops, breakbeats, sound bytes and found sound. In an over the top and in your face world, Vapor Eyes takes two steps back and sits in the pocket of the old days, creating a more meditative vibe reminiscent of the atmosphere within the fabled 90's chill-out rooms. 

Track List

1. you prefer fiction
2. avenue_artifice
3. 1 lonesome drive
4. obscure sorrows
5. light thru the aperture
6. invisible asset
7. quaalude
8. baggy
9. raindance
10. behind glass
11. anomaly
12. r&r