Vapor Eyes - Proxima (CD)
Vapor Eyes - Proxima (CD)
Vapor Eyes - Proxima (CD)
Vapor Eyes - Proxima (CD)

Vapor Eyes - Proxima (CD)

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Format CD


“Proxima” - the 10-song album from Vapor Eyes. Comes in poly-wrapped Jewel Case.

This album is the channeling of my perception of the current conditions we are living in today. The idea that so much is awry with the present state of affairs, yet we as a species continually look elsewhere to try and find a place to exist mentally and even spatially. Proxima is my summation of some of these feelings, moods and events we've collectively encountered over the last year brought to life through sound. Music is a powerful healer. May you find some solace, relation, joy, movement or inspiration through this work. For now this is the only home we've got... let's make it a better place. Peace.

Written & recorded by Vapor Eyes in Lab 401
Mixed by Vapor Eyes & Dan Precision
Mastered by Dan Precision at Bombshelter Recording Studio
Artwork by Alex Carlson
© Vapor Eyes Sound System Elevated Level 2017
Distributed by Young Heavy Souls

Track List

Street Bible
Jungle Law
The Summer Sadness
Better Than Breathing
Twilight Swim
Blood in the Snow (feat. Stylee)
Clear View in the Rearview