Shirt - Pure Beauty (LP)
Shirt - Pure Beauty (LP)
Shirt - Pure Beauty (LP)
Shirt - Pure Beauty (LP)

Shirt - Pure Beauty (LP)

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Format Vinyl


Third Man Records has been searching for a hip-hop artist whose multidisciplinary vision, immovable work ethic and natural sense of aesthetic are compatible to the label’s mission. The label is proud to release Pure Beauty by mysterious Queens, New York visual artist, designer and rapper SHIRT. SHIRT has been heavily invested in the legendary NY rap underground and praised by various online tastemakers and critics for his vital perspective, refreshing production choices and thoughtful lyricism. Everything about his creative output is “classic New York shit…melding high art with lowbrow aspiration; it’s champagne and loosies, bottle service and Metrocards” (Pitchfork). Pure Beauty is SHIRT’s first full-length album since the release of Rap Money EP on Closed Sessions / Nike Adidas Records in 2015. Pure Beauty is an ode to the work of artist John Baldessari and features his 1968 conceptual art piece of the same name as the album artwork, courtesy of Baldessari and his team. The album’s central theme focuses on beauty in its simplest and rawest form - selected beats are recorded and re-recorded, stripped down and left blaring. Verses exist as first and only takes. iPhone voice memos are dispersed throughout studio recordings; live conversations left unedited.

Track List

Climate Change
Palace Intrigue
Fuck It Going Live
Woman Is God
Do It Right
Flight Home
If I Can't Do My
Mise En Abyme