Mux Mool - Skulltaste II (LP)

Mux Mool - Skulltaste II (LP)

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What happens when a guy making beats in his bedroom releases an album that takes him all over the world? He goes back to that bedroom and works on the next release. Mux Mool and Young Heavy Souls are proud to present Skulltaste 2, the second installment of a critically-acclaimed album. This sonically improved sequel features fewer samples and more original soundscapes, skilled finger drumming and a sharper streamlined vision.

“It's hard for me to pinpoint what made Skulltaste as influential as it was. I was just a guy in a room making beats and learning how to make beats, and I think that can be heard in the album. I also think that's why it makes such a good backdrop for all creative endeavours. Skulltaste 2 aims to be a more mature version of that,” Brian Lindgren, Mux Mool himself explained.

Staying true to the eccentric song titles and fluid genre-exploration people know and love from Mux Mool, Skulltaste 2 will host 13 unique tracks. Bolstering everything from glitchy groove madness in “Teeth,” pulsing house vibes with “Girlfriend Material,” and chilled sonic soundscapes in “I’ll Be Here Waiting,” listeners will be consistently engaged.

Track List

A1. Sorry For Your Gloss

A2. Where You At

A3. Latest Sulk

A4. Fan Fiction

A5. Boner of a Lonely Heart

A6. You Can’t Wait For This

A7. Old Where It Counts

B1. I’ll Be Here Waiting

B2. Intermission

B3. Teeth

B4. Girlfriend Material

B5. Long Distance

B6. Telluride or Die