Mux Mool - Implied Lines (Vinyl)

Mux Mool - Implied Lines (Vinyl)

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Format Vinyl


Mux Mool is an American producer of funky, bass-heavy glitch hop with a bit of a playful edge. Making a name for himself with high profile releases on Ghostly International, Moodgadget, and Super Best Records, Mux self-released Implied Lines digitally in 2016.

Originally 8-tracks, Implied Lines received an expanded track list and visual overhaul in 2017 when it was re-issued by Detroit label Young Heavy Souls. The deluxe version of the album was made available digitally as well as on limited edition CDs and cassettes. Now, due to popular demand, the album finally arrives on vinyl through YHS.

Track List

1. Sympathy
2. Monday
3. Eyebrow Dandruff
4. Six AM
5. Never Go Home
6. Fifteen Tons
7. The IRS
8. Starfighter Courage
9. Sing Heal All
10. Love Song