Lipphead - In The Nude (LP)

Lipphead - In The Nude (LP)

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Format Vinyl


On their debut LP, Lipphead dances effortlessly between Blockhead’s journeying hip-hop beats, and Eliot Lipp’s synth-laden electronic swing.

Illustrated by artist Maddison Chaffer, the titular Lipphead character serves as the group’s mascot and as a tongue-in-cheek personification of the duo’s fused styles.

On the production of the album Blockhead explained “I would say, with this album in general, it was both of us taking things we were working on that we liked but couldn’t find a home for. For us this was a very “there are no rules” type venture. We allowed ourselves to be silly and unconventional with all these songs.”

Eliot Lipp went on to say “My favorite thing about the record is the audio cocktail that comes together when our two styles are blended. It’s refreshing to make music with such a loose process. We found ourselves focusing on our strengths, and trusting that our individual styles would complement each other.”

Track List

1. Don’t Worry Be Horny
2. Shallow Halal
3. Inthenude 01
4. D.I.A.
5. Proud Dad
6. The Squirrel From Ipanema
7. Inthenude 02
8. Soul Baby
9. Rocks In My Pillow
10. Finnegan’s Wakeboard
11. Inthenude 03
12. Wait Til You See My Outro
13. Nocturnal Omission


Young Heavy Souls


Downtempo, Hip-Hop