Lipphead - From The Back (LP - Orange)

Lipphead - From The Back (LP - Orange)

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Format Vinyl


Lipphead is a production duo consisting of veteran producers Blockhead (Ninjatune, Future Archive Recordings) and Eliot Lipp (Alpha Pup) creating eclectic instrumental hip hop that dances effortlessly between Blockhead's sample-based hip hop beats and Lipp's evolving synth-laden swing. Illustrated by artist Maddison Chaffer, the titular character serves as the group's mascot and as a tongue-in-cheek personification of the artist’s fused styles. In 2022, the pair released their debut LP ‘In the Nude’ via Michigan label Young Heavy Souls to critical acclaim.

Building on that success, Lipphead is back with 10 new tracks and a fresh selection of singles to introduce the forthcoming record entitled ‘From the Back’. Kicking off with the irresistible disco soul of ‘Midnight Brain to Georgia,’ the duo hits the ground running. The second single effortlessly guides the listener through a showcase of fluttering flute samples, jittery synthesizer flourishes, and a bassline that is sure to please even the most selective funk enthusiasts.

Throughout ‘From The Back’, fans can expect an even groovier spin on their genre-blending mix of downtempo, hip-hop, and electro-funk, along with a healthy dose of the duo’s trademark sense of humor.

Reflecting on the album, Lipp states that “Lipphead really starts to perfect their stylistic fusion on this record. Plenty of oddball beats and goofy samples, but this time there’s an upbeat funk vibe throughout. ‘From The Back’ is basically a window to what goes on in Lipphead’s wild-ass brain.”

Counting BBC Radio, Thissongissick, Scratched Vinyl, and Music Shelf with Mustard as supporters, there’s no denying that Lipphead is quickly cementing its place as one of the most exciting new underground electronic acts. 

Lipphead's 'From The Back' will be available on digital formats on July 28th, 2023 via Young Heavy Souls. CD and cassette formats are available for pre-order.