Jaws That Bite - Glacial Medicine (Deluxe) (2xLP - Translucent Blue)

Jaws That Bite - Glacial Medicine (Deluxe) (2xLP - Translucent Blue)

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Format Vinyl


Detroit producer Jaws That Bite released his electronic opus with the album Glacial Medicine in late 2021. The 21-song epic featured icy, otherworldly soundscapes punctuated by thundering percussion and growling basslines. The album quickly highlighted Jaws as one of the region’s most exciting emerging electronic producers.

Jaws is now prepping the release of a deluxe version of Glacial Medicine, which features 5 new remixes from a varied ensemble of producers. To make things even more interesting, the album is returning to the physical realm in the form of a gorgeous transparent blue double LP.

Expanded to 26 tracks, this deluxe edition sees producers Daedelus, Mux Mool, Noer the Boy, Peace to Mateo, and Mega Powers put their spin on Jaws’ arrangements. Like an abstract painting, it’s fascinating to see how each producer interprets Jaws’ original compositions.

Mirroring the album’s original lead single, this deluxe release is announced with a remix of the track Limba. Legendary Los Angeles producer Daedelus keeps the melodic backbone of the original, but has it take flight with shimmering, evolving synths, and a pulsating low end.

“Glacial Medicine was years in the making and it’s an album I’m very proud of. To now have a producer I’ve respected so much remix the lead single truly takes it to another level.” Jaws explains. “When we were brainstorming on who to approach for remixes, I picked producers who I thought could take the songs in different directions but still keep the spirit of the original.”