Illingsworth - You're No Fun (CD)

Illingsworth - You're No Fun (CD)

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You're No Fun is a musical invitation to live in the moment, every moment, whether playful or painful.

Innovative Detroit producer Illingsworth makes his Mello Music Group debut with the new album You're No Fun. Mostly instrumental, the album finds clever ways to be new and exciting. The instrumentals range from contemplative to effervescent, creating a direct connection to the artist. Featuring Open Mike Eagle, Denmark Vessey and Illingsworth himself rapping, the album moves naturally in and out of lush instrumentals and alternative musicianship.

Track List

1. You're No Fun
2. Greens
3. Sama
4. When In Brome
5. All Live, Pt. 1
6. Mach Punch
7. Peeves
8. Farming
9. Low Fire
10. Dnd
11. Call Me Now
12. Coins
13. Time Machine
14. Wind (no Clues)
15. Go On Back
16. Everse
17. Goose Howard