Illingsworth - Illingsworks Vol. 1 & 2 (7")

Illingsworth - Illingsworks Vol. 1 & 2 (7")

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Format 7" Vinyl


ILLingsworth is a dude created by another dude. he's also an emcee, a music producer, and he likes to create strange videos. he was born, raised, and schooled in Detroit, MI. currently he still lives there so, he must like it.

He's collaborated with Phonte, Sene, Open Mike Eagle, Milo, Denmark vessey, clear soul forces, cold men young, nolan the ninja, Nameless, Hir-O, Chris Orrick (FKA red pill), Stryfe, SWEatson klank, SelfSays, Fresh Daily, Zach Sherwin, and more.

Track List

Side one:
Vol. 1
2. break your heart
3. bingo smoker
4. got some dinner out here

Side two:
Vol. 2
1. brigga dunes
2. park poop
3. chopping, chopping right now
4. swizzank