Heathered Pearls - Body Complex (LP)

Heathered Pearls - Body Complex (LP)

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Format Vinyl


For Jakub Alexander, the languages of music and visual art are permanently intertwined. And he's always been this way - from his birthplace in communist Poland, to growing up outside of Detroit, to his current home in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. "When music like Gas, early Dial Records, and Mille Plateaux releases in the 2000s popped up in my headphones," Alexander begins, "it was completely visual for me. Something clicked from collecting pages out of old Architectural Digest magazines and being completely overwhelmed with inspiration for my own visions of interior architecture." The concept carries on still, now as an integral part of Body Complex, his second album as Heathered Pearls, which also features contributions from fellow Ghostly artists The Sight Below, Shigeto, and Outerbridge (mem. Beacon). Body Complex represents a new form of Alexander's visually inspired sound creation, but just as it points to changes in direction for the ambient-inclined producer, it also revisits the past experiences that make his music possible.

Track List

A1 Cast In Lemon & Sand
A2 Sunken Living Area
A3 Interior Architecture Software
A4 Personal Kiosk feat The Sight Below)
A5 Holographic Lodge
B1 Abandoned Mall Utopia
B2 Perfume Catalogue
B3 Artificial Foliage
B4 Warm Air Estate
B5 Thought Palace