Eliot Lipp - Viper Venom (LP - Red) [Pre-Order]

Eliot Lipp - Viper Venom (LP - Red) [Pre-Order]

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Renowned electronic producer Eliot Lipp is back with his latest single "Square Signal." Featured on his upcoming album “Viper Venom,” “Square Signal” showcases Lipp exploring new production styles, diving effortlessly into the realm of Synthwave. Known for his use of analog synthesizers, Lipp adapts the characteristic retro-future aesthetic of synthwave into his style with ease, and in the process introducing his sound to a new segment of electronic music listeners.  

This single serves as a taste of what's to come on "Viper Venom," not specifically in tone but in method, with stylistic exploration being the album’s recurring theme. Beyond his usual touchstones of hip-hop beats and downtempo, Lipp incorporates elements of Future Funk, Glitch Hop, and Techno. Lipp promises a full album experience that pushes boundaries and challenges expectations. From the sounds of "Square Signal," fans can anticipate an exhilarating fusion of innovation and nostalgia.

In addition to being available digitally, "Viper Venom" will also be released on striking red vinyl, offering fans and collectors a tangible piece of Lipp's musical evolution.

Stay tuned for the full album release on May 3rd on Lipp’s own Old Tacoma Records. Pre-Orders are now available at www.oldtacomarecs.com/eliot-lipp-viper-venom.

Track List

A1. Time Flies
A2. Nautica
A3. Movin Units
A4. Square Signal

B1. Jasmine Groove
B2. Blackberry Jam
B3. Rough Ridin
B4. Ice

Artist Bio

American producer Eliot Lipp, initially known for dusty instrumental hip-hop, expanded his sound to include electro-funk, disco, and glitchy techno. After releasing with multiple labels, he founded Old Tacoma Records in 2010. He has released several full-length albums and collaborative projects. In 2023, he revitalized Old Tacoma, which will release his latest album, Viper Venom, in May 2024.


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