Cru Drums - Live/Work (Cassette)

Cru Drums - Live/Work (Cassette)

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Format Cassette


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Live/Work is a showcase of Cru's prowess and style on the drum kit. Cru's upcoming full-length effort blends live instrumentation with masterfully woven samples and expansive soundscapes- like Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers playing beats by J Dilla remixed by Squarepusher. Cru digs deep into his Jazz roots on Live/Work, citing influence from legends like Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter, as well as contemporary fusion artists like Now vs. Now and Kamal Williams.

During the COVID lockdown, Cru took it back to basics, spending hours alone in his studio practicing, writing, and recording new ideas. Live/Work was born in isolation, but grew into a project that helped Cru reconnect with his love of playing live music.

"When things seemed to get a little safe in mid-summer, I began attending socially-distanced weekend jazz jam sessions in Brooklyn, and also began busking in parks all over the city with a small group of musicians & MCs. This return to group performance & interaction inspired me to incorporate more live musicianship on the album"