Black Noi$e - Oblivion (LP)
Black Noi$e - Oblivion (LP)
Black Noi$e - Oblivion (LP)
Black Noi$e - Oblivion (LP)

Black Noi$e - Oblivion (LP)

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Format Vinyl


Detroit-based producer, Black Noi$e has returned with his second full-length commercial project, Oblivion: a frequently icy, space traveling collection of his production catered for a host of features from artists in the Earl Sweatshirt and Tan Cressida universe. The project comes as a christening for his recent signing with Warner Records imprint, Tan Cressida. The label was created by Earl way back in May of 2012 ahead of Doris and operated under Columbia Records. Since then, Earl has left Columbia to “do riskier shit,” and Oblivion feels like the fruition of those plans. The album is the first project to be released by someone other than the label's founder.

Track List

14 Trillion

Sorry feat. Raphy

Tight Leash feat. MIKE

The Band feat. Liv.e

Mourning feat. Earl Sweatshirt

Georges Baby feat. G-Baby GVVAAN

Glitch feat. Duendita

Oblivion feat. Pink Siifu

1999 feat. Danny Brown

Mutha Magick feat. bbymutha

Bonnie Clyde feat. ZelooperZ


Dragon Dance feat. Cousin Mouth