Zilched (Press Photo)

Chloe Drallos has been making music as Zilched since the summer of 2017, and at only 23, has been established as a scion of the underground. Her debut EP, Pulling Teeth, was released in 2018 and provided the first glimpse of Zilched’s dizzying, wildly unpredictable noise-pop. A sound that was only amplified and solidified in 2020’s debut LP DOOMPOP. Released on Detroit label Young Heavy Souls, DOOMPOP was met with positive reviews and exposed Drallos’ sound to a national audience.

Her upcoming record Earthly Delights, for which she recruited indie rock auteur Ian Ruhala (Hala) and producer/programmer Ben Collins (Minihorse), is a testament to the maturation of Drallos’ uncompromising creative vision. At its heart, Drallos’ music is an explosive, ethereal Lynchian dream sequence that embodies the notorious ethos of her hometown in Detroit.

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