Summer Like The Season

Summer Like The Season (Press Photo)

Summer Like The Season is a musical tease. Riding the edge of surrealism, this particular brand of audio candy delivers a delayed satisfaction well worth the journey. In a world of instant gratification, Summer like the Season stands out with their boundary-pushing song formats, modern musical textures, and a diacritical approach to sampling. From start to finish, the music is entirely written, produced, mixed, recorded and mastered by Summer Like The Season. Summer Krinsky is a detail maniac in her approach to composing, recording, mixing and every aspect of existence. It is tiring. In conjunction with the wild genre bending music, Summer is a creative coder making interactive multimedia work. She invites the world to watch her demented song writing process live on twitch at Scott Murphy is a mastering engineer who built a recording studio with the most pancake flat frequency response in the biz. He gives live mix feedback and lifts the veil on the dark art of mastering on his twitch stream Liam McNitt is a self taught musical wizard who’s original songs can be heard in his DIY-slacker-jazz-pop project, Legume.

Summer Like The Season is an indie electronic/art rock project based out of Detroit, MI. Summer’s sound is characterized by poppy vocals mingling with weird harmonies, breakbeats, and ethereal soundscapes. Exploring themes of this cyborg era, the music and lyrical content examine the intermediary role technology plays in modern identity. Teetering on the hazy line where live instrumentation and contemporary electronics meld into one fluid sonic playground, her environment breeds samples. These range from a shaker made from P12 grit sandpaper to a moaning bass line extracted from the fog horns of a boat traveling down the Detroit river. For the live show meticulous songwriting collides with wacky noise. Summer plays drum kit and sings alongside electronics/synth/violin musician Scott Murphy, and guitarist Liam McNitt.

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