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Drummer/producer Steve Bryant has made a career out of bringing live musicianship to electronic music performance. As the touring drummer for several notable acts including Benzos, Michna, Eliot Lipp, and Young & Sick, he's provided a bridge between the unyielding precision of programmed beats & loops and the elasticity of live performance & improvisation. Trained in jazz performance, Bryant has gravitated towards hip-hop and drum & bass in both his playing and production styles. While keeping busy touring, he has been putting out his own music under the name Cru the Dynamic, and has recently adopted the moniker Cru Drums to reflect his moving towards live instrumentation in his music.

About his newest release, Live/Work, Bryant says the following:

"This album was mostly recorded in the past year, during covid lockdown. With no gigs & a major freeze in work opportunities, I found myself alone in my studio, practicing & recording my own music. My background in jazz drumming and experience in live performance have always informed my production style, and on Live/Work, I play drums on every track, and built many of the tracks around the drum performances. This is a major step for me as it has broken down the divide between drummer and producer.”

At his live shows, Bryant, who Urb Magazine once called the most versatile drummer in NYC, incorporates live drumming, sample triggering/manipulation, looping and effects processing in a seamless blend of groove-laden compositions, both impressive and expressive. He has also played the role of one-man-backing-band for several MC's and singers in and around his hometown of Brooklyn, NY. Whether on stage or in the studio, Cru Drums is blurring lines between genres, between live and electronic creation, and between backing musician and solo artist.

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