Artist: Vapor Eyes
Release Date: 04.13.18

Where the Dyad Lives finds producer Vapor Eyes delivering his most driven and emotive work to date. Utilizing his veteran ear for hunting down and manipulating unique samples, Vapor Eyes speaks the language of the soul through his cut-up style of chops, breakbeats, sound bytes and found sound. In an over the top and in your face world, Vapor Eyes takes two steps back and sits in the pocket of the old days, creating a more meditative vibe reminiscent of the atmosphere within the fabled 90's chill-out rooms. 

Trends of the moment are left aside for a deeper reflection of the inner struggle and outer beauty of life as we know it today. Lush downtempo beats with traces of lite FM and smooth jazz sprinklings give way to drum 'n bass breaks and trip-hop grooves. Broken into two sides, Side A (#'s 1-6) brings the listener a more introspective listening experience whereas Side B (#'s 7-12) paces toward a more mid-tempo and airy feel. Where the Dyad Lives contains the audio summation of change, nostalgia, existential contemplation and a lust for life. Listeners who are on a quest to find their place in a tepid society will find solace in both the music and the messages contained within this album. 

Written & recorded by Vapor Eyes in Lab 401
Mixed by Vapor Eyes & Dan Precision
Mastered by Dan Precision at Bombshelter Recording Studio
Artwork by James Rosal