Artist: Vapor Eyes
Release Date: 07.29.15

"Summer in Chicago seems to move faster every year. It feels like we get 3 to 4 good months to really live it up then have to get ready to hide again for another long & frigid winter. After completing my last album 'Whispers' I felt compelled to create another project with the intention of celebrating the short warm weather period we get here in the Midwest. This is my homage to summer. Fun, free-spirited, carefree. So throw your windows down, crank your system up and make your neighbors nuts with these certified Vapor Eyes summer bumpers. Peace." - Vapor Eyes

Written & Recorded by Vapor Eyes in Lab 401. 
Mixed by Vapor Eyes and Dan Precision. 
Mastered by Dan Precision at Bombshelter Recording Studios ( 
Cover art by Vapor Eyes & Tiffany K. 
© Vapor Eyes Sound System Elevated Level 2015.