Wavves - King Of The Beach (LP)

Wavves - King Of The Beach (LP)

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Format Vinyl


"In its quest for an endless summer, King of the Beach wears its California lineage with pride. It's major-key and resplendently colored, owing as much to Orange County skate-punk as it does to the Beach Boys." -Ian Cohen of Pitchfork

Track List

A1 King Of The Beach 2:38
A2 Super Soaker 2:29
A3 Idiot 2:52
A4 When Will You Come 2:35
A5 Post Acid 2:11
A6 Take On The World 2:41
A7 Baseball Cards 3:05
B1 Convertible Balloon 2:24
B2 Green Eyes 3:50
B3 Mickey Mouse 3:52
B4 Linus Spacehead 3:12
B5 Baby Say Goodbye 5:11