wasaaga. - lateral. (abridged). (Digital)

wasaaga. - lateral. (abridged). (Digital)

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Released: November 8th, 2019
Format: MP3(320 kbps)

Album Description: 
Brad Finegan, also known as wasaaga, is an ambient electronic musician from the Metro-Detroit area. Since the release of his debut visual album “wasaagamach.” back in 2015, he has continued to release music synthesizing lush ambient soundscapes with driving beats and rhythmic prowess.

waasaga's "lateral (abridged)." consists of stripped back, ambient renditions of the original album's compositions, removing all abrasion for a mellow, relaxed listening experience.

Track List: 
1. color. (abridged).
2. mountain string. (abridged).
3. ten years at sea. (abridged).
4. intels. (abridged).
5. the sun. (abridged).
6. coral. (abridged).
7. because you’re gone (abridged).
8. colored light. (abridged).