Tokyo Nights: Female J Pop Boogie Funk 1981 to 1988 (CD)

Tokyo Nights: Female J Pop Boogie Funk 1981 to 1988 (CD)

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This compilation presents 12 of the most memorable and sought-after songs of the era recorded by female artists. The music is a reflection of the unbridled optimism, technological achievement, excess and exuberance of Bubble-era Japan. More than catchy melodies and funky baselines, these are reflections of a time when Japan was the center - and future - of the world.

Compiled by Eli Cohen (Alliance Upholstery) and Deano Sounds (Cultures of Soul), Tokyo Nights includes tracks by Hitomi Tohyama, Junko Ohashi, Mizuki Koyama, Kaoru Akimoto, Aru Takamura, Mariko Tone, Rie Murakami, RA MU, Kikuchi Momoko and Yumi Seino. Each selection celebrates the unique traits and meticulous production that define the sound. Think sandy beaches and metropolitan skylines; illumination and romance. Embrace the feeling of movement, from a coastal highway stretching towards the horizon or the city sprawling into the future. Turn on the hi-fi and slip into these Tokyo Nights.


Track List

Exotic Yokogao
Wanna Kiss
Sensual Night
Dress Down
恋は最高 (I'm In Love)
Broken Eyes
愛は心の仕事です (Love Is A Work Of Mind)
Mystical Composer
スカイレストラン (Sky Restaurant)