Theo Parrish - First Floor (CD)

Theo Parrish - First Floor (CD)

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First Floor includes the complete contents of the two EPs Theo Parrish recorded for Peacefrog during 1998. After a perhaps excessively spare opener, the collection moves into a succession of excellent tracks ("Sweet Sticky," "Paradise Architects," "Electric Alley Cat," "JB's Edit") driven by distorted, scratchy, trance-like sample snippets borrowed from disco and jazz-funk. (The back cover even shows Parrish soaking in a bath of records with Ron Carter and Isaac Hayes LPs visible.) Parrish's ingenious use of drum programming and effects add-ons tie each track together just the way a great DJ should. It's the next best thing to seeing him spin.

Track List

1. First Floor Metaphor
2. Sweet Sticky
3. Paradise Architects
4. Love Is War For Miles
5. Electric Alleycat
6. JB's Edit
7. Dark Patterns
8. Heal Yourself And Move
9. Sky Walking