Portishead - Glory Times (CD)

Portishead - Glory Times (CD)

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Format CD


This 2 CD set features "Sour Sour Times", "Theme from to Kill a Dead Man", "Scorn", "Sheared Box", "Sheared Times", "Airbus Reconstruction", "Glory Box" and more. An absolute must for any fan.

Track List

Sour Disc One
Sour Times (Sour Sour Times) 4:07
Sour Times (Lot More) 4:21
Sour Times (Sheared Times) 4:17
Sour Times (Airbus Reconstruction) 5:08
Theme From To Kill A Dead Man 4:25
Glory Disc Two
Glory Box (Edit) 3:35
Glory Box (Mudflap Mix) 5:28
Glory Box (Scorn) 6:04
Glory Box (Sheared Box) 3:30
Glory Box (Toy Box) 5:43