Peace To Mateo - Midnight Forests (Digital)

Peace To Mateo - Midnight Forests (Digital)

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“To all those Psychonauts with whom I have stood in midnight forests, in temples, in subterranean chambers, and atop mountains, invoking the Mysteries.”

Peace to Mateo continues to refine his idiomatic take on cinematic beat music with the moody groove of Midnight Forests.

By diving deep into his trip-hop and dub influences, Peace immerses the listener in a dense, misty atmosphere that rings confidently with lush piano chords and a swinging bass line. The forest is punctuated by echoing melodica and distant saxophone flourishes that give a sense of depth to the track. 

Midnight Forests began to take form in early 2019 after the release of Peace’s last full length album Some Strange Reason. Multiple songs on Some Strange Reason featured samples provided by Detroit saxophonist Nolan Young, who returns with new additions for Peace to Mateo’s new single. 

“To me this song takes everything I learned on my last album and condenses it into 4 minutes. It’s hard-hitting without being abrasive which is the exact pocket I want a track like this to live in.” Peace says about the creation of the song.

Midnight Forests is available now everywhere digitally on Young Heavy Souls.


Released December 30th, 2022 
Written & Produced by Matt Black
Mastered by Eddie Logix
Cover Art by Matt Black

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