MED/Blu/Madlib - The Turn Up (LP)

MED/Blu/Madlib - The Turn Up (LP)

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Format Vinyl


MED, Blu and Madlib return with a new EP called "The Turn Up". Soulful, hard hitting raw sounds produced by Madlib matched with lyrics from two of hip hops elite. With 9 tracks on this EP, you will surely experience great music and get more than your purchase worth. Bang Ya Head Entertainment is excited to bring you this project to help push the culture forward and raise the bar.

Track List

A1 The Turn Up
A2 Jungles
A3 House Keys
A4 Even Though
A5 Wonderful
B1 The Turn Up Instrumental
B2 Jungles Instrumental
B3 The Turn Up Acapella
B4 The Jungles Acapella