Jaws That Bite - birdsupsidedown (Digital)

Jaws That Bite - birdsupsidedown (Digital)

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Released: January 28th, 2014
Format: MP3 (320kbs)

Album Description:
Detroit producer Jaws That Bite makes his Young Heavy Souls debut with his full-length release birdsupsidedown. An album that envokes images of frozen palm trees and snow covered beaches, birdsupsidedown is an electronic exploration of the realm between ice-cold percussion and sun-soaked synthesizers.

Album Credits:
All songs produced & mixed by Jaws That Bite
Mastered by Marcutio

Track List:
1. Great Jungle Freeze (feat. The Sweater Monsters)
2. Wildlife
3. Pareidolia
4. Guatamaltek
5. Stalagmite
6. Extremities
7. Ghostbusters
8. Vine Dress
9. Leaves (feat. The Sweater Monsters)
10. Become The Wings
11. Scoops
12. Exotic Nature
13. Timber
14. Liquid Gnome (feat. The Sweater Monsters)