In Kind - Suga

In Kind - Suga

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Format: MP3 (320 kbps)
Released: November 22, 2019

Track Description:
A Michigan native sporting the pseudonym In Kind, LA-based Tchad Cousins crafts a unique voice onto a churning instrumental palette of synthesizers, guitars, and programmed drums that always seem to land somewhere between genres. Entrenched beneath it all, there is a foundation of funk and hip-hop – yet his love for ambient, experimental, and everything left-field finds him constantly denying tropes and reaching for the unfamiliar. On his forthcoming project From a Star, his oddities shine through as a vehicle to a kaleidoscopic inner world.


Track Credits:
Written, Produced, and Performed by In Kind
Co-written by Conrad Kisunzu
Guitar by Shamik Ganguly
Mastered by Eddie Logix

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