Evil Needle - Cirrostratus (Cassette)
Evil Needle - Cirrostratus (Cassette)
Evil Needle - Cirrostratus (Cassette)
Evil Needle - Cirrostratus (Cassette)

Evil Needle - Cirrostratus (Cassette)

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Format Cassette


‘Cirrostratus’ from France based producer Evil Needle is a lush Trip Hop and Chill full-length album with deep grooves, soulful exposition, charming melodies and a rich smoothness. ‘First Look’ begins with soulful sounds, gentle snares and radiant soothing synths, a bumping lackadaisical fatty bass for an enlightening, gratifying tune. ‘Loungin’’ is another gorgeous song with light and airy melodies, synths and playful beat repeats, and a grooving bassline for a perfect recline. ‘Summer Blap’ is futuristically funky with bright high synths, immaculate chords and upright bass plucks, vintage with a pristine creativity and upbeat energy. ‘Hope’ exudes dreamy and luxuriant sounds, caressing melody, subtle cymbals, a purple synth singing, and the beat chill and playful. Following is ‘Fuse’ with comedic chipmunk dialogue, silky xylophone chords building into an infused synth, crashing gentle cymbals and back down to soothing chords. ‘Hate It Or Love It’ begins on a tribal sounding drum beat into a sweet crashing snare at about 100 BPM, with undulating synth notes and ambient sound scapes, refreshing and invigorating. ‘Disco Inferno’ starts off with a boss kick drum and house beat filtering out and into soulful diva vocals and purple stimulating synths, celebratory, full and intoxicating. Unique in a scrumptiously electronic Trip Hop and genre exploring way, ‘Cirrostratus’ resonates with the listener and creates a profound and pleasing reaction, and certainly at the very least, a smile.

Track List

A1 Intro Groove 1:44
A2 First Look 3:22
A3 9999Hp 2:20
A4 Jazzolude #1 1:19
A5 Loungin' 2:36
A6 Lo-Fi Bumper 2:36
A7 Summer Blap 2:20
A8 Hope 2:19
B1 Jazzolude #2 1:39
B2 Chillaxing 2:39
B3 Time Travel 2:51
B4 Fuse 3:30
B5 Hate It Or Love It 2:46
B6 Disco Inferno 3:28
B7 Astro Belt