Dave Brubeck - Time Out (LP, 180g)
Dave Brubeck - Time Out (LP, 180g)
Dave Brubeck - Time Out (LP, 180g)
Dave Brubeck - Time Out (LP, 180g)

Dave Brubeck - Time Out (LP, 180g)

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Format Vinyl


Limited edition high definition premium 180gm vinyl LP repressing of this classic Jazz album. Originally issued on vinyl, the ongoing popularity of LP pressings and repressings has ensured the longevity of this format for years to come. Jazz Wax Records. 2010. The album was intended as an experiment using musical styles Brubeck discovered abroad while on a United States Department of State sponsored tour of Eurasia, such as when he observed in Turkey a group of street musicians performing a traditional Turkish folk song that was played in 9/8 time, a rare meter for Western music. Columbia president Goddard Lieberson took a chance to underwrite and release Time Out. It received negative reviews by critics upon its release, but despite this, it became one of the best-known and biggest-selling jazz albums, charting highly on the popular albums chart when 50,000 units sold for a jazz album was impressive. It consequently produced a Top 40 hit single in "Take Five", composed by Paul Desmond, and the one track not written by Dave Brubeck. The cover art is just as important as the LP itself featuring specific artwork created by S. Neil Fujita, best known for his covers for CBS Records, which introduced abstract art to jazz LP packaging.
First published on December 14, 1959.


Track List

Blue Rondo A La Turk
Strange Meadow Lark
Take Five
Three To Get Ready
Kathy's Waltz
Everybody's Jumpin'
Pick Up Sticks