Bonobo - Migration (2xLP)
Bonobo - Migration (2xLP)
Bonobo - Migration (2xLP)
Bonobo - Migration (2xLP)

Bonobo - Migration (2xLP)

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Format Vinyl


True to its name, Migration draws on themes of intercontinental collaboration, familial diaspora, hybridized world influence and of course, travel. Originally from Brighton, England but currently based in Los Angeles, Simon Green has traveled the world over countless times since his debut on Ninja Tune, and he recruits a diverse cast of collaborators for his 6th album as Bonobo. New York-via-Morocco band Innov Gnawa guest on “Bambro Koyo Ganda”, Michael Milosh from Rhye delivers a slow burning R&B vocal on “Break Apart”. “Surface” features a blissful, reverb-soaked turn from Nicole Miglis of Hundred Waters. Nick Murphy (f.k.a. Chet Faker) lends vocals to big room 2-step bubbler “No Reason”. Combining live guitar & drums, Prophet 5 and Jupiter 8 synth, brass & string ensembles and Rhodes with Green’s own field recordings from his downtime on tour (rain, boat engines, laundromats), plus a heavy dose of 2-step garage rhythms that won’t be unfamiliar to anyone who’s caught one of his all night DJ sets at Output BK, Bonobo builds a world that is as simultaneously terrestrial, arboreal and gorgeous as the album’s packaging suggest.

Track List

Break Apart
Second Sun
Bambro Koyo Ganda
No Reason
7th Sevens