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Obese Ghost Children

Artist Biography


Obese Ghost Children (OGC) is a collaborative effort from rapper MCF and producer/vocalist Norty. The group released their self-titled debut EP in late 2015. While it was only three songs in length, the project established the group's cross-genre sound. This also saw the introduction of Norty's (then Nortroniks) now signature vocal style. This style is one he was later expand upon in his debut EP We Were Nearly there, and OGC's follow up full-length album Spöke. Released in mid-2016, Spöke was supported by a Michigan-wide, ten-stop tour with Detroit rapper Mister. Mister made an appearance on Spöke along with fellow MCs Chris Orrick (Mellow Music Group), Blakksmith and S. Al (Ruby Yacht).

In June 2017, OGC completed their trilogy with the album Still Dead. With this album, their sound was solidified, as well as their spirit of collaboration. Featuring the return of Mister, along with new comers Peace To Mateo, Sport Wolf, Mavy and IAME. Rumor has it more OGC music is in the works, along with solo and additional side projects from the duo.

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