Artist: Norty
Release Date: 06.29.18

As an uncompromising songwriter, Norty’s skills shine on his first full-length album, 'The Years Are Fleeting'.  A lean 12-track project, TYAF never lets up on the inventive, left-field pop music. Composed with an underground edge, each song is expertly crafted with care and intention. Mature without being overly-serious, Norty touches on the fact that “some humans are really bad at being human” on the lead single "Alien Eyes".  Not without its introspection, Norty addresses self-reflection on "Bad Times" “I don’t know why, but for some reason the dark times feel good in the aftermath.”  

All Songs Produced by Kyle Norton
All Songs MIxed by Samuel Peters & Kyle Norton
Mastered by Eliot Lipp
Artwork by Kyle Norton
Asst. Prod. by Adam Lansdell