Lailah Reich

Artist Biography


Though not a native Chicagoan, Lailah’s formative years weave with the sounds of that city; beat driven tunes, acid jazz, hip-hop, house, dub and experimental music. This in juxtaposition with being raised on a diet of soul and jazz have largely shaped Lailah’s writing style and approach to singing.                  

She learned how to play violin at a young age and started writing songs after being given a keyboard by her choir teacher. She continued writing music and lyrics via solo efforts until joining a four-piece electronic band at 19. She has since been writing and singing tunes in collaboration with a diverse array of musicians and bands, a testament to her capabilities and versatilely.       

Lailah’s collaborators include Radius Etc. (Dia.L, Etc. Records), Moppy (Karya, Animal Rights Records), and work in association with Kenny Keys, Radius Etc., and Moppy as Beyond Luck. Other artists she's created with include Nunca Duerma (Young Heavy Souls), J-Phlip (Dirtybird), Garret David (Courtesy of Balance, Smart Bar), Calculon (Shoot Recordings), Eavesdrop (Rubik Records), Andrew Emil (Change Request), and the Sound Republic (Spatula City). Said by Egotripland of Dia.L’s self-titled release in 2016, “Soul-soothing sounds perfect for a lazy afternoon. Would go good on a mix next to some Badu.”

Lailah's continues to seek out connections between inspiration sucked in from curiosity in the natural world as well as from just beyond her front door. What lies ahead is just creation.


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