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HHM: Featruing The Erers, Siamese, the Sunburns, and Norty // Empire Room

  • The Empire Room 1205 Washington Avenue Bay City, MI, 48708 United States (map)
As all Hellions know, the best way to cap off a day of independent films is with a night of independent music. To that end, we give you the Hell’s Half Mile Friday Music Night on Sept. 23, featuring Norty, The Sunburns, Siamese, and The Erers.

After whetting your appetite with Boudoir Noir and RareWolf at Old City Hall on Thursday night, you’re sure to be hungry for more. During the day, you can take in the Michigan-bred bayou folk of Barbarossa Brothers at 3:30 p.m., free of charge at Electric Kitsch, 917 Washington Ave.

The night show is at the Empire Room, 1205 Washington Ave., at the northeast corner of the building also housing Washington Lanes. 

Tickets are $8 and are available at the Tickets Available link above.

Norty (Grand Rapids):
The taking apart and fusing back together of disparate musical genres is the order of the day for Kyle Norton, known under his performing moniker Norty. Taking an electronic bedrock, anachronistic jazz lounge basslines, piano notes, and brushed drums, he blends them with hip hop beats and searing vocals for a thoroughly engrossing sound collage. You might recognize him as one-half of Obese Ghost Children, who performed at HHM’s all hip-hop showcase in April 2016.

The Sunburns (Detroit):
Take one part surf rock, one part misanthropic punk, and one part proto-rock pop. Mash them all up in a grime-encrusted blender with a pinch of rabies and scorched-earth ethos and you get the Sunburns. They’re the gnarliest bunch of atavistic sonic nihilists around, with a remarkable songwriting acumen hidden within the crusty shell. If the instruments start smashing, stay clear of raining shrapnel. 

Siamese (Detroit):
Siamese hail from a world of perpetual twilight. They conjure an atmosphere pregnant with a paranoid dread, then build it cinematically with basslines and percussion that emanate from an abyss and sprawl out. Their evocative sound is pure dark wave, a seductive mélange of synth pop and post-punk’s serrated edge. By turns sinister and vulnerable, this quartet’s slithering movements are intoxicating. 

The Erers (Detroit):
The Erers (the first “er” is silent) are personified swagger with the songwriting chops to back it up. With a lumbering heaviness and a monolithic stomp, their savage riffs bring no shortage of hooks. On stage, they have the commanding presence of a buffalo stampede, with the accompanying adrenalin jolt.