Artist: Eliot Lipp
Release Date: 06.23.17

“I see each new record as an opportunity to redefine my style as a producer,” ... “All of last year was spent collaborating with artists and crafting some unique flavors of sound design. When I decided to turn what were only ideas and sketches into an album, I focused on depth. I pushed the rhythms to give the music more character, and went for deeper tones overall so melodies would be more pronounced.  Each song on Skywave is designed to convey its own mood and tell its own story.” -Eliot Lipp, via

Skywave is also available cassette, CD, and vinyl

Mastered by Huntley Miller
Artwork/layout by Evan Berman
Joyride feat. Chris Karns on drums & samples. 
Reflection feat. production by Gibbz & the Cherub boys. 
Spiders co-produced by Cameron, Baloogz & Fish Tank Friends.