Cru The Dynamic - Cuts (Cover).jpg


by Cru The Dynamic

Balancing his time between working as a touring drummer & creating his own music at home in Brooklyn, Steve Bryant, p/k/a Cru the Dynamic, draws influence from a wide range of musical settings. His experience behind the kit influences his production style as much as his live playing is informed by the electronically produced beats of hip-hop, drum n’ bass, trap and footwork.

Bryant follows up 2017’s The Quick EP, with Cuts, his first full length album on Detroit’s YHS Records. Cuts, drawing its name from the micro-sliced samples peppered throughout many of the tracks, blends the skittering rhythms of footwork with the head-nod inducing half-time pulse of hip-hop. Digital and analogue intersect in this body of work from an artist who has his feet firmly planted in both worlds.

Throughout the 37-minute journey, club-ready bangers like “Passive Fist” and “Now Put ‘em Out” are nestled between epic compositions such as “Safe Party” and “Drunk Duke”, while low-key coolers “Learnin & Earnin” and “T Daze” provide breathers from the breakneck pace of this album. Strap in, “Cuts” is both a euphoric and dizzying ride.