Norty Shares "The Years Are Fleeting"

Release Date: June 29th

Norty has returned with new music, this time in the form of his first full-length album, "The Years Are Fleeting".  A lean 12-track project, TYAF never lets up on the inventive, left-field pop music. Composed with an underground edge, each song is expertly crafted with care and intention. Mature without being overly-serious, Norty touches on the fact that “some humans are really bad at being human” on the lead single Alien Eyes. Not without its introspection, Norty addresses self-reflection on Bad Times “I don’t know why, but for some reason the dark times feel good in the aftermath.”  

Stream the record in full from the link below.

Norty Debuts Second Single "Alien Eyes"

Thrd Coast Media debuted Norty's latest single "Alien Eyes". In their review of the track Phillipe Roberts had this to say: "Alien Eyes,' the lead single from Norty’s full-length debut The Years Are Fleeting, begins as a distant echo, a stuttering shimmer of a guitar figure piling on the distorted reverb as it crawls down a long hallway. Listen with your eyes closed and you’d expect to get a face full of indie rock. Instead the Young Heavy Souls producer slams you straight into a glitch-pop drop of sliced-up horns and thick bass. From there, it’s round after round of tasty fusions and juxtapositions on an incisive track masquerading as big-tent dance pop."


Read the rest of the article, and stream the track in full via the button below. 


Photo by Jasmine Pema


Norty Delivers First Single from forthcoming album

Ahead of his forthcoming debut full-length record, Norty has served up a tingling and pulsing new single entitled "Leelanau". “There are places you come across that are hard to put in to words,” says the Grand Rapids-based producer/singer. “Usually those places have bad cell service. They can give you a feeling of ‘fuck y’all, I’m out,’ and that needs to be embraced.” Read the full write up and premier on Self-Titled Mag via the link below.