Palm Haze - Rêve Bleu [Album]

Palm Haze - Rêve Bleu [Album]

Palm Haze’s Second Album, Rêve Bleu

Following their debut "Tangy Dream," Palm Haze's "Rêve Bleu" is another story told by the unconscious. A different kind of dream, but with a similar energy curve. While "Tangy Dream" feels very tangible and achievable, "Rêve Bleu" will bring up chaotic emotions and thoughts, taking you much further from reality and closer to the wonders of uncertainty.

Where could you go? What could you do? It's a fantasy you fall on accidentally, revealing risky and forbidden paths. It’s the kind of dream you’re afraid of, but also tempted to.

Lucas Inacio, of Palm Haze explains how Rêve Bleu came to be:

We started working on Rêve Bleu right after the release of Tangy Dream. The album title track, Rêve Bleu, was the first one I made and after that we made Wildflower. We had just gotten a new acoustic guitar and Wildflower was the first song made on it. It was pretty fast, and that song barely changed since the first demo. This head start made me want to release a new EP kind of soon, I remember that at first, I planned to finish it on May 2018. But for some reason, after making those 2 songs, every time I tried to go on and finish other songs, something else would happen in my life. That made the evolution of this album very slow. It wasn’t easy to finish this album and I think it’s all reflected in how it turned out to be. I feel like it got heavier, darker but at the same time the calmer parts feel more sober and raw.

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Rêve Bleu is available for purchase on CD and cassette tape.