Snow White

Artist: Airjob & Gami
Release Date: 03.04.14

Enter this rhythmic realm of fantasy, dreamlike environments, and morphing layers of bass & samples. Short hip-hop instrumentals and heavy sound design show this album was a year long project between Airjob and Gami. 

This album as a whole sprouted from a Salvation Army, and has been in the arsenal ever since. The project as a whole has transformed into a vivid, vocal-filled beat frenzy, and synth drivenfuture world, these textures are just a glimpse into what is to come from both producers.

Remaking this classic Disney tale allowed us to explore and embody different sampling approaches and explore/create our own entirely different tale, and story from it. On this release we were able to work with some fellow producers and talented MCs. Thank you to everyone involved and hope you enjoy the final product.