about the label

Young Heavy Souls, inc. is a multimedia company and music publisher established in 2011 and currently based in Detroit, MI. Young Heavy Souls is the parent company of YHS Records, an independent record label. Influenced by the region’s signature sounds, YHS Records embraces a wide sampling of hip-hop, dance and electronic sub-genres.

Inspired by musician-owned record labels such as Stones Throw, Def Jux, and Ninja Tune, YHS Records founder Matt Black worked to assemble a group of versatile and experimental musicians for the label’s initial roster. YHS Records was born with the intention of helping under-promoted artists build their brands, share knowledge and grow together as musicians.

In 2013, the label moved from it’s West Michigan home in Kalamazoo to Detroit and began to integrate with the flourishing creative scene in the city. In 2014, YHS teamed up with Eliot Lipp’s Old Tacoma Records to release Nunca Duerma’s album Shapeshifter on vinyl. This would be a pivotal moment for the label and its introduction to vinyl pressing. As the label’s catalog grew, YHS began its venture into music licensing by teaming up with publishing companies such as Assemble Sound, North Star Media and Gratitude Sound. The label has since had music placed with Hulu, Converse, GoPro, Bravo Network, PBS and more. 

Nuturing a love for music in physical formats, YHS Records increased it’s cassette and vinyl output in 2016. This included teaming up again with Eliot Lipp for the release of his album Come To Life on vinyl, and working with veteran producers Blockhead and Mux Mool to reissue their albums Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book and Implied Lines respectively. While the label continued to build out it’s catalog with reissues, the team remained focused on developing new artists such as Norty, Wing Vilma and Primer. 

Currently, YHS has set up shop in the Durfee Innovation Society in Detroit, MI, and is planning numerous vinyl and digital releases for 2019.