about the label

Young Heavy Souls is an independent record label based in Detroit, MI. Influenced by the region’s signature sounds, YHS embraces a wide sampling of hip-hop, dance and electronic subgenres.

Inspired by renaissance artists and infamous label heads such as RZA, El-P and Peanut Butter Wolf, YHS founder Matt Black worked to create a versatile and artistically innovate group effort. In 2011, that meant helping artists cut through the over saturation of lofi beat tapes and EDM bangers found on Soundcloud and YouTube. YHS was born with the intention of helping under-promoted artists build their brands, share knowledge and grow together as musicians.

In 2013, the label moved from West Michigan to Detroit and began to integrate with the flourishing creative scene in the city. Around this time, the sister company Advancer Media was formed to handle all of the visual aspects of the label. In 2014, YHS teamed up with Eliot Lipp’s Old Tacoma Records to release Nunca Duerma’s album “Shapeshifter” on vinyl. This would be a pivotal moment for the label and its introduction to vinyl pressing.

In 2015, YHS began its venture into music licensing, teaming up with publishing houses such as Assemble Sound, North Star Media and Gratitude Sound. The label has since had music placed with Converse, GoPro, Keeping Up the Kardashians, PBS and more. 

Seeing the increasing appeal of releasing music in physical formats, YHS began pressing cassettes and records in 2016. This included teaming up again with Eliot Lipp for the release of his album “Come To Life.” The following year, YHS would work with established artists Blockhead and Mux Mool, while also working to develop new artists such as Norty, Wing Vilma and more. 

Currently, YHS has set up shop on Grand River Ave in Detroit, MI, and is planning numerous vinyl releases for 2018. With over 50 albums and EPs, under their belt, YHS continues to develop as a brand and collective.